Congratulations Jewels on a fantastic competitive season! Looking forward to 2018!

True Talent Nationals:​

Studio Award: "Creative Choreography"

Studio Award: "Terrific Musicality Award" 13 and older

​"Heroes", "Seven Nation Army", "I Love you Always Forever": Triple Threat Award

"Lay Me Down" Megan-Platinum, 2nd place, 'Teen Miss True Talent'

"Half the Man" Danielle V.-True Platinum, 1st place, 3rd overall

"Heroes"- Platinum, 1st place, 4th overall

"Resolution"- Platinum, 2nd place, 5th overall

"Highspeeds"- Platinum, 1st place, 6th overall

"Elephant" Isabella- Platinum, 3rd place, 8th overall

"Seven Nation Army"- Platinum, 2nd place, 8th overall

"Skin and Bones" Amanda- Platinum, 4th place, 9th overall

"Use Me"- Platinum, 1st place, 9th overall

"Thank You for Nothing" Danielle V.- Platinum, 2nd place, 10th overall

​"The Sun is Rising"- High Gold, 1st place, 5th overall

"Man in the Mirror" Autumn- Platinum, 1st place

"Shake it Out" Autumn- Platinum, 1st place

"Creep" Gabby- Platinum, 2nd place

"A Stutter" Jenna- Platinum, 4th place

"I Gotcha"- Platinum, 1st place

"Last Love Song"- Platinum, 3rd place

"Life" Brianna- High Gold, 1st place

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"- High Gold, 1st place

"I Love You Always Forever"- High Gold, 1st place

"Grown"- High Gold, 2nd place

"Brain"- High Gold, 2nd place

"Mack the Knife"- High Gold, 2nd place

"Sea Lion Woman"- High Gold, 3rd place

"That Man" Carissa- High Gold, 3rd place

"This Bitter Earth" Brianna- High Gold, 3rd place

"The Glam Life"- High Gold, 3rd place

"A Little Party" Lauren- High Gold, 4th place

"Fire and the Flood" Brooke- High Gold, 6th place

"It's A Man's World" Lia- High Gold, 8th place

"Open Hands" Kayla- High Gold, 8th place

"Stand in the Light" Jacey- High Gold, 9th place

True Talent:

"I Gotcha" - Platinum, 1st place, 1st overall, highest scoring small group, terrific technique award

​"Life" Brianna -Platinum, 1st place, 1st overall, highest scoring solo

"Half the Man" Danielle V. -Platinum, 1st place, 1st overall, terrific technique award

"Skin and Bones" Amanda -Platinum, 1st place, 1st overall

"Heroes" -Platinum, 1st place, 1st overall

"Mack the Knife" -Platinum, 1st place, 1st overall

"This Bitter Earth" Brianna -Platinum, 1st place, 3rd overall

"Use Me" -Platinum, 1st place, 2nd overall

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" -Platinum, 1st place, 2nd overall, total package award

"Highspeeds" -Platinum, 1st place, 3rd overall

"Stand in the Light" Jacey -Platinum, 1st place, 9th overall

"Thank you for Nothing" Danielle V. -Platinum, 1st place, 5th overall

"That Man" Carissa -Platinum, 1st place, 6th overall

"Last Love Song" -Platinum, 1st place, 3rd overall

"Slow Down" -Platinum, 1st place, 3rd overall

"Imagine" -Platinum, 1st place, 2nd overall

"Man in the Mirror" Autumn -Platinum, 1st place

"Creep" Gabby -Platinum, 1st place

"Shake it Out" Autumn -Platinum, 1st place

"I Love you always Forever" -Platinum, 1st place

"Go Off" -Platinum, 1st place, showmanship award

"The Sun is Rising" -Platinum, 1st place

"Resolution" -Platinum, 2nd place, 3rd overall, terrific technique award

"Brain" -Platinum, 2nd place, 8th overall, intensity & commitment award

"Grown" -Platinum, 2nd place

"Seven Nation Army" -Platinum, 2nd place

"Sealion Woman" -Platinum, 2nd place

"A Little Party" Lauren -Platinum, 2nd place, 9th overall

"Elephant" Isabella -Platinum, 2nd place, 3rd overall

"Lay Me Down" Megan -Platinum, 2nd place, musicality award, the feels award

"A Stutter" Jenna -Platinum, 3rd place, showmanship award

"Open Hands" Kayla -Platinum, 3rd place

"It's A Man's World" Lia -Platinum, 3rd place

​"Fire and the Flood" Brooke - High Gold, 5th place

"We Run This" - High Gold, 1st place

"The Glam Life" - High Gold, 3rd place

Beyond The Stars:

"Heroes" - Diamond, 1st place, 4th overall

"Resolution" - Diamond, 2nd overall

"Thank You for Nothing" Danielle V. - Diamond, 8th overall

"Half the Man" Danielle V. - Diamond

"Skin and Bones" Amanda - Diamond

"I Gotcha" - Platinum, 1st place, 9th overall, ultimate crowd pleaser award

"Use Me" - Platinum, 1st place, 4th overall, rockin rhythm award

"That Man" Carissa - Platinum, 1st place

"Seven Nation Army" - Platinum, 9th overall

"I Love you always Forever" - Platinum, 5th overall

"Slow Down" - Platinum, 2nd overall

"Go Off" - Platinum, showmanship award

"Sealion Woman" - Platinum

"Lay Me Down" Megan - Platinum

"Fire and the Flood" Brooke - Platinum

"A Stutter" Jenna - Platinum

"Elephant" Isabella - Platinum, confident control award

"Creep" Gabby - Platinum

"Shake It Out" Autumn - Platinum, lovely lines award

"Life" Brianna - Platinum

"Man in the Mirror" Autumn - Platinum

"This Bitter Earth" Brianna - Platinum

"We Run This" - High Gold, 5th overall

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - High Gold, 5th overall

"Imagine" - High Gold, 1st place, 5th overall

"It's a Man's World" Lia - High Gold

"A Little Party" Lauren - High Gold

"Stand in the Light" Jacey - High Gold, lyrically lovely lines

"Open Hands" Kayla - High Gold

"Grown" - High Gold

​"Mack the Knife" - High Gold, spectacular smiles award

"Highspeeds" - High Gold

"The Sun is Rising" - High Gold

"The Glam Life" - High Gold, fun feminine & flirty award

"Brain" - High Gold, ultimate execution award

"Last Love Song" - High Gold

The Power of Dance:

"Skin and Bones" Amanda - Blue Diamond, 2nd overall, choreography award

"This Bitter Earth" Brianna - Blue Diamond, 4th overall

"Thank You for Nothing" Danielle V. - Blue Diamond, 5th overall

"Heroes" - Diamond, 7th overall, choreography award

"Resolution" - Diamond, 3rd overall

"Seven Nation Army" - Diamond, 5th overall

"I Love you always Forever" - Diamond, 10th overall

"We Run This" - Diamond, 1st overall, choreography award

"Last Love Song" - Diamond, 3rd overall, serious synchronization award

"I Gotcha" - Diamond

"Lay Me Down" Megan - Diamond, 8th overall, storytelling award

"Half the Man" Danielle V. - Diamond, 7th overall

"Elephant" Isabella - Diamond

"That Man" Carissa - Diamond

"Shake it Out" Autumn - Diamond

"Life" Brianna - Diamond

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Ruby, 1st place

"Highspeeds" - Ruby, 3rd place

"Go Off" - Ruby, 5th place

"Use Me" - Ruby, 9th overall

"Grown" - Ruby, 3rd overall

"The Sun is Rising" - Ruby, 1st overall, smiles bright as the sun award

"Mack the Knife" - Ruby, 2nd overall

"Brain" - Ruby, 6th overall

"The Glam Life" - Ruby, 5th overall, the prince award

"Sealion Woman" - Ruby

"A Little Party" Lauren - Ruby

"Stand in the Light" Jacey - Ruby

"Open Hands" Kayla - Ruby

"It's a Man's World" Lia - Ruby

"Creep" Gabby - Ruby

"Fire and the Flood" Brooke - Ruby

"A Stutter" Jenna - Ruby

"Man in the Mirror" Autumn - Ruby

Results from our 2016-2017 Season.