Want to know what we are all about and how our families feel about our studio? Here is what our OBD Families had to say about us: 

"Joining OBD was one of the best decisions I could have made for my daughter. While learning technique and discipline are important, here they teach love and fun as well. At OBD you are treated like family while getting an amazing dance education. Prices cannot be beat nor can the sense of belonging and family OBD instills in our children. You will not regret joining this family!"   ~Jessica Q.

"Old Bridge School of Dance has been a second home to my daughter since she was 3 years old. It welcomed her in with open arms and continues to do so even now at the age of 9. She has made friends for life and she will for sure cherish these memories forever. This dance school has a family feel while bringing out the best in their dancers during competition. The program is well run with excellent teachers to learn from. Looking forward to many more years to come."    ~ Rosa   

"I cannot say enough about OBD! My girls have been dancing here since they were 3!  The teachers create a warm and loving environment that teaches character and discipline while fostering confidence, respect and a love of dance.  In the last couple of years, the new studio Director, Ashlei, has made the OBD experience even better!  She truly put so much of her heart into the studio. Everyone always goes above and beyond to make sure the dancers are safe and thriving in this exceptional environment!  Prices are affordable and the studio is clean, modern & up to date! OBD is truly committed to providing students and their families with the best experience possible.  We are so grateful to be a part of the OBD family!"   ~ Rosemary

"Just before my daughter's 3rd birthday,  we enrolled her in Old Bridge Dance for combo 1 class. Of course she learned some basics of dance, but she also learned how to follow group directions, take turns, and made friends. Throughout her 16 years at OBD she has learned more than we ever could have ever imagined! Of course she has learned to love and truly appreciate the art of dance. She also learned never to give up, even when she's tired. She has learned discipline and perseverance. She's learned nutrition and how to take care of her body. She has developed relationships with AMAZING teachers that truly care about their students and has made lifelong friends, and so have I. Even though she's graduated, we still consider OBD our family!"   ~ Lauryn
"Old Bridge School of dance was a home to all 3 of my daughters.  My girls have danced there for over 15 years.  They’ve learned so much from dancing school.   Many strengths are learned and taught in dancing school… It kept them in good physical shape.  They always want to go to dance.  They would get excited to meet their dance friends to listen and dance to music kept them very involved with their after school activities.  They made some amazing friendships that will last a life time and were taught by the most incredible, loving and caring dance teachers.  It gave them confidence at the very tender years of adolescence and they were able to express themselves through the art of dance.  They learned discipline and hard work  and what it means to be part of a team.  They felt proud of their accomplishments.  Some cuts and bruises on the way but would remind them that challenges makes you stronger.  I believe my daughters strengths came from what they learned in dance.  They had great experiences and if I could turn back to when they were 3, I would ask all 3 of my daughter’s again “do you wanna try a dance class?” Best thing we ever did for our girls."   ~Michelle

"When my daughter was 3 years old, she informed us that she wanted to go to dancing school like one of the characters in “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”.  Being that she was so young, we wanted to find a dance studio that would foster her interest in dance, but more importantly, provide her with a caring, fun, and supportive environment.  After looking at several studios, we chose Old Bridge School of Dance and have never looked back.  My daughter is now 6 years old and just completed her third season with the studio. One of the things that we love most is that the school offers combo classes, which gives our daughter the opportunity to explore both tap and ballet without having to choose just one.  The teachers are warm and loving and create an environment that instills confidence, learning, and a love of dance.  The studio always goes above and beyond what is expected of them and is honest, affordable, and committed to providing students and their families with the best experience possible.  We are so grateful to be a part of the Old Bridge Studio of Dance family and look forward to many more years of dancing with them." ~ Tracy

"I am so impressed with Old Bridge Dance ever since Miss Ashlei took over. My family has been a part of the dance school for at least 18 years and the past few years have been by far the BEST!.  Miss Ashlei has brought such new energy and excitement to the school with her fresh ideas and industry contacts.  It would be a shame if I didn't get the word out.  Join our family at Old Bridge Dance.  You won't be sorry!"    ~ Leslie

"After 9 years at OBD I can surely tell you there's no better place to be! The staff is full of warm, lovely and caring people who will guide your child in all aspects of dance, where they are sure to learn, grow and build confidence! Teachers are friendly and encouraging and strive to meet the individual needs of each dancer. We are very grateful for our OBD family. They have always made a positive impact on my daughters life. "    ~Amanda

"My experience with Old Bridge Dance has been nothing but exceptional from my first email inquiring about the school and throughout my daughter's first year. Miss Ashlei is great and quickly responds to every email as well as very attentive while in the school. She is an absolute pleasure to work with as well as her enitre staff. My daughter loves dance and can't wait to see her friends and teachers each week!!" ~ Renee 

"My daughter has been going to Old Bridge school of dance since she is 3. She has been on the competition team as a “jewel” since she was 9. All the dance teachers are well trained and educated as well as truly cares for all the dancers. My daughter has grown so much as a dancer. I can’t say enough good things about Miss Ashlei, the director and owner of OBD. She truly cares for all the dancers and parents just like family. The studio is our second home and we consider them our family."  ~ Liz

"My daughter started dancing here at age 3 and it was the best decision. She has developed a love for dance and a love for the teachers there. They gave her the instruction she needed to grow. She also made lifelong friends at Old Bridge School of Dance that she cherishes."   ~ Stacey

"Both of my girls dance at OB Dance and absolutely love everything about it.  Ashlei, the studio director, goes above and beyond keeping the studio and the dancers in great shape, providing them with fun and entertaining classes as well as teaching them proper dance techniques.  All the dance instructors are wonderful.  The studio is beautiful.  We love OB Dance, it's like a second home to us.  Look no further, OB Dance is absolutely the best!! "   ~ Magda

"If you are looking for a studio filled with talent,  love and a family atmosphere look no further.  Old Bridge School of Dance is my daughters second home. She started dancing at 3 years old and is now 9. We have made friends to last a lifetime.  Through OBSOD we have also had many amazing experiences. We have been to Broadway, had back stage tours, even celebrated holidays together such as an amazing Halloween party.  We also traveled locally being  part of the Jewels Competition Team. This has been a great bonding experience with my child as well as other amazing dance families. The big/little dancer program is also an positive opportunity for all involved. The teacher's never stop working hard to make each dancer better on and off the dance stage."    ~ Kristin